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Homemade All-over Brown Sugar and honey scrub

This homemade scrub contains all organic natural oils and honey. The smell of it is so yummy. so please dont eat it:)

As a body scrub, because it exfoliates well but also moisturises at the same time, leaving your skin feeling super soft and allowing you to skip the body lotion. Plus, it’s a much cheaper alternative than for example a tub of Lush body scrub, which only lasts for maybe five times.
As a face scrub: the mixture is soft enough and the honey fights both acne and wrinkles. Unless you have really dry skin, make sure to use a toner afterwards to get rid of any excess oil.
As a lip scrub: For smooth lips, use the scrub about twice a week or whenever you want to wear an unforgiving (i.e. very bright or matte) lip colour
As a hand and foot mask: apply the scrub liberally and then wrap some foil around your feet and put on some rubber gloves. After about 15-20 mins, the scrub will have softened any dead skin and your hands and feet will be amazingly soft and moisturised.

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